“Be Prepared For Death” – Yul Edochie

Actor and pastor Yul Edochie recently took to Instagram to discuss the topic of death following the sad passing of fellow actor Mr Ibu. Yul Edochie reminded his followers that death is a natural part of life that everyone will eventually experience.

He emphasized the temporary nature of existence, with individuals continuously entering and exiting the world. Rather than living in fear of death, Edochie encouraged his fans to accept it and prepare themselves for the inevitable.

He also stressed the importance of maintaining integrity, offering forgiveness, and apologizing when necessary in order to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

In his Instagram post, Yul Edochie wrote;

“Death is a transition process that awaits us all. No matter what we say or do, it must come.

“People come and people go. So rather than fear death, we should all prepare for it.

“Be fair in all your dealings with others. Forgive easily. Apologize when you hurt others. Keep your hands & your heart clean.”


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