Nikki Haley Beats Donald Trump, Becomes First Woman To Win Republican Primary

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The Republican Party, Nikki Haley has become the first woman to win a Republican primary in US history. Despite losing in her home state of South Carolina, she managed to secure a victory in Washington DC, a heavily Democrat-leaning jurisdiction.

Haley received 62.9% of the vote, while Trump trailed with 33.2%. This win is largely symbolic, given the small number of registered Republicans in the city.

Washington DC’s political landscape favors Democratic candidates, with only approximately 23,000 registered Republicans actively participating in the primary.

Despite this victory, Trump maintains a substantial lead over Haley, with 247 delegates to her 43. As the election season progresses, Trump is likely to face Joe Biden in the November election.

The BBC’s US partner, CBS, reports that Haley will receive all 19 Republican delegates up for grabs in Washington DC. Her campaign national spokesperson, Olivia Perez-Cubas, stated, “It’s not surprising that Republicans closest to Washington dysfunction are rejecting Donald Trump and all his chaos.”

Trump’s dominance in state primaries and caucuses throughout the Republican campaign remains unshaken, with 874 Republican delegates’ support at stake on Super Tuesday.

Super Tuesday is a critical day of nominating contests, with 15 states and one US territory nominating their preferred candidate. With 874 Republican delegates at stake, Trump’s position appears formidable.

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