“Revolution Has Started In Nigeria” – Aisha Yusufu Made Powerful Revelation

Social critic and human rights activist Aisha Yesufu has raised concerns about the ongoing situation in Nigeria. She stated that a revolution has commenced in the country.

This declaration comes in the wake of an incident where residents in the Dei-Dei area of Abuja attacked and looted a truck carrying food items.

This event follows previous looting incidents involving warehouses and trucks in Abuja over the weekend.

Aisha Yesufu, known for her vocal stance against injustice, expressed her views on social media, warning that the current wave of attacks on trucks could escalate to targeting warehouses, shops, estates, and houses.

She emphasized that this marks the beginning of a revolution within the country.

The looters made away with essential food supplies and other items, reflecting the growing frustration among the populace.

Yesufu, in a post via her X handle, said the people will start with warehouses and shops then estates and houses when they are done attacking trucks.

“When they are done attacking trucks, they will start with warehouses and shops then estates and houses.

“The revolution has started,” she wrote.

The recent economic challenges in Nigeria have led to heightened tensions, with reports of residents looting a warehouse purportedly belonging to the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) in the Federal Capital Territory.

Aisha Yesufu’s outspoken nature and advocacy for social change have garnered international recognition, with her inclusion in BBC’s list of 100 Most Influential Women worldwide.

Despite facing cultural barriers as a female activist from Northern Nigeria, she continues to champion causes aimed at addressing societal injustices and advocating for positive change.


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