Because Of The Land Size El-Rufai Did All Manners Of Things To Try To Take That Land – Ukachukwu

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According to Arise News, Former House of Representatives member, Hon Linus Ukachukwu, has accused the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, of favoring Lebanese land developers at the expense of duly allocated lands. Ukachukwu alleges that Wike is orchestrating the takeover of his property in Abuja to benefit these developers.

Ukachukwu stands firm against what he perceives as intimidation tactics from Wike, emphasizing that the minister lacks the authority to infringe upon his property rights. He points out that his land was allocated in the nineties and has provided documentation to support his claim.

Detailing the contentious history of the land, Ukachukwu recounts the involvement of former FCT Minister El-Rufai, who allegedly attempted to seize the property from its initial allottee. Despite legal battles and interventions, Ukachukwu asserts that his rights remain intact, raising concerns about the transparency and legality of land allocations in Abuja.

Explaining how he got the land, Ukachukwu said: “This land was given in the nineties. I gave the documents showing the ministerial approval to AIT.

“Along the way because of the size of the land, El-Rufai came in and intimidated the first person (allotee) that they gave that land and did all manners of things to try to take that land from him.

“At the end of the day, they went to EFCC, went to court and the court discharged the guy and said there is no forgery on the document. They went to court of Appeal, EFCC lost and they gave up and gave the Certificate of Clearance to the initial person that the land was allocated to.

“That was when we now came in and acquired some of the property and discovered that while the matter was still in the court, that El-Rufai went and gave part of the plot to Sunrise without even revoking our rights.

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