Boko Haram: What Shekau Told Us About Biology In Education – Rescued Chibok Girl

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The late Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, is alleged to have stated that the only kind of school they desired was an Islamic one, which excludes mixed-gender schools, according to Amina Ali, a girl who was rescued from Chibok School. She mentioned Shekau’s statement that they were against the continuation of formal education in Nigeria.

She clarified that Shekau is not against education as an institution; rather, he is against the subjects taught, like biology, which he feels negatively influences children’s behavior.

In an interview with Channels TV, she stated, “They started teaching us the Quran after they kidnapped us and asked us who is ready to convert to Islam. That evening, even Shekau showed up and gave us an explanation for their kidnapping of us. Moreover, Shekau showed up that evening and gave us an explanation of their kidnapping policy. In Nigeria, he said, they do not want education to continue. Considering that education is bad and taboo. According to him, going to school is not the only thing that is taboo; it’s what people do there.”

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