What Happened When They Took Us To Shekau For Reading Bible

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Jummai Mutah, one of the Chibok Schoolgirls who was rescued from Boko Haram disclosed an incident that took place while she was held captive in Sambisa forest.

In a video recently shared on YouTube by Channels TV, Mutah revealed that while in captivity, she had a bible that she always read. She said she and 21 captives were accused of influencing others against practicing Boko Haram’s religion. She said the Boko Haram men took all 22 of them to their leader, the late Shekau for him to punish them for reading the Bible however God did a miracle. She said Shekau only declared that they were not to practice Christianity while in the camp.

In Mutah’s words: “They carried us to Shekau to punish us for reading a bible and God did a miracle and he said he didn’t want us to do Christian religion in Sambisa. He said when we want our parents he would talk to the government to come and collect us”.

Watch the video of the interview

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