Catholic Church Delivers Strong Message To Those Mocking “Sick Nun” State The Following

For the past few weeks, a picture of a Roman Catholic nun who is serving in a catholic church in Cameroon has been circulating across various social media platforms indicating that the nun was heavily pregnant.

The joke itself sprouted just because of the fact that Catholic nuns and priests are barred from engaging in sexual acts because before they enter the service, they usually take an oath to give their bodies fully to Christ.

However the truth of the matter as clarified by her church is that the nun is not sick but is suffering from a condition that made her stomach to swell.

Concerning the news, the church has now delivered a strong message and sympathized with those soiling her name asking “God to have Mercy on them.”

As a family, we pray that God may give strength to the nun for the mockery she received from ill minded people and that he May restore back her good health.


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