Nigerians Express Shock As Ahmed Musa Shares PVC Showing His Date Of Birth

Super Eagles Captain, Ahmed Musa left Nigerians with their hands covering their mouths in disbelief after his Permanent Voters Card made its way to the internet.

The football star recently collected his PVC and he decided to share a snapshot of the card which showed his date of birth as 14th of October 1992.

Many social media users could not believed that Musa was 30 years old and his age as shown on the PVC sparked a debate.

See people’s reactions below..

burnagirley; That’s his football age. He is actually 1962

wrldprincecharming; Musa is right but if you think he’s wrong you’re also right ??

magic_troy212; He maybe correct cos it depends on the calender his calendar 890days makes a year…His calendar is different..

skizzyofficial; Na football voters card??

incredible_aarons; Ehhmm. Sorry it was a mistake during the process of registration. It was supposed to be 1982?????

omo_mrbalo; How is it even anybody’s problem??? Y’all full of shits! Let a man breathe ??

bignameeki; Yes Na, I was Born 1999 na, why are Nigerians like this sef?

like____felicity; This my country people no get business with “Mind your business “ ?????

justforthevibezzz; Nothing works in the country , even to make ID card right way is a problem ?.Nigeria is dead dead,only way Nigeria will ever be great again is make it death penalty for any politician caught embezzling. Until this becomes a law in Nigeria I’m sorry the country is doomed.

ododo1020; INEC didn’t delete double registration,I still have 2 of my data’s with them,one registered in PH the other one in Lagos

zeezlaundry01; This year have been so hell but I believe God will still come through for me… I have worked as a laundry man for too long for someone, but it’s been so hard that I needed to leave the workplace and establish my own but I don’t have a WASHING MACHINE of my own..Currently, I use my hands to wash to sort out living for myself and I have siblings that depend on me and it has not been easy for me…I pray God use anyone here to help me with a washing machine…You will never have any reason to beg in life..Amen

braavolisacouture; When Tinubu forged his own age , so tey him use 7 years senior him first Daughter. APC members de support am. Ogun wan kee them abi

fairpantherlol; most of these guys come from poor families and they fake their ages so that they can play football for many many years so you can’t blame them and seeing as hes already told clubs he was born in 1992.he can’t change it to the real thing on his PVC LOL musa should be like 46 or 47 lol.

By Henry Chigbo

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