Charly Boy Drag Reno Omokri In The Mud Over Continued Disrespect Of Peter Obi

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Nigerian singer-songwriter and activist, Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa popularly known as Charly Boy has slammed social media influencer, Reno Omokri for his continual shading of Peter Obi.

In recent times, Reno Omokri has been so vocal about Peter Obi writing negative things about him on his social media handles and even on web shows. He kept releasing every bit of news that would portray Obi in a bad light as if he was the only one who contested in the last election. His behaviour has caused frowns from well-meaning Nigerians, including Martins Vincent Otse AKA VeryDarkMan.

Charly Boy also not enjoying the recent activity of Reno on X (formerly Twitter) took to his X handle to drop a couple of tweets addressed to Reno Omokri, digging up his dirty past. He 

stated that in 2015, Reno was alleged to have been involved in an N25 million armed robbery case, which was widely reported by the media.

He added also that in 2024, a man cried out, seeking justice for his 15-year-old daughter who was raped by her pastor, identified as Isaac Omokri, who is said to be Reno Omokri’s brother. Area Fada further alleged that Reno covered up these crimes while using Peter Obi’s name for clout, suggesting that negativity runs in their bloodline. He then warned Reno to stop his alleged deceitful behavior.

“See dis useless yeye man.

“2015, Reno Omokri, was alleged to have been involved in N25m armed robbery case which was widely reported by the media.
Biko go and verify.

“In 2024, a 15yrs old girl was raped by her pastor who goes by the name Isaac Omokri, he is Reno Omokri’s brother” man cries out, seeking justice for his daughter. 
Go verify.

“Mr. Reno Omokri covered all these crimes against humanity while chasing clout with Peter Obi’s name, negativity seems to have been running in their blood.

“Reno if you no wan stop ur useless talk strong tin go meet u.
Ur father.

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Charly Boy continued recalling a past incident where he was falsely accused of receiving N1 billion from President Buhari, despite criticizing him. He accused those behind the false scandal of being associated with Reno Omokri. He concluded by stating that anyone defending such behavior is also complicit.

He wrote:

“My people, una remember one time wey some set of people go cook up one hot propaganda against me.

“Like 4/5yrs ago, when dem talk say Buhari give me 1billion naira even after I sing “Buhari Park and go”

“Reno for for the people wey organize dat fake scandal.

“Anybody wey dey defend dis anyhow person is also a criminal. 

Dia fathers.”

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