Chibok Girl Leah Sharibu’s Whereabouts Exposed After 6 Years

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Six long years have passed since Leah Sharibu was kidnapped by Boko Haram terrorists during their raid at Dapchi Girls Secondary School in Nigeria.

Despite being separated from physical contact, Gloria Puldu—president and CEO of Leah Foundation—has recently disclosed important insights into Leah’s current situation through interviews with escapees.

It was confirm that Leah is alive but bears children as she remains held hostage.

The foundation head lamented over the lackadaisical approach taken by government officials regarding such critical intelligence concerning one of its citizens.

In Puldu’s words: “[Girls who escaped] said Leah has babies and they described where she is and we have updated whoever wants to hear: the international community or the Nigeria authority. If we at our level as ordinary people can get this information, how can they tell me they don’t know where Leah is or they can’t bring out Leah? So Leah is alive and so far from 2023 till now, unfortunately for us, we have not had anybody tell us that they have met her. But before 2023 up to 2022 we have people who have come out who were in the same camp with Leah and told us she is alive”.

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