Ex-Minister Blasts Tinubu’s Blame Game, Offers Solutions

Former Presidential Aide Solomon Dalung lashes out against the new Nigerian regime led by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, condemning efforts to pin current economic struggles solely on former president Muhammad Buhari.

In scathing remarks posted online, Dalung accused the present leadership of employing irresponsible fiscal strategies while attempting to dodge culpability.

In an impassioned critique, he highlighted the pressing nature of food scarcity and soaring prices under the watch of this freshly elected government, questioning if mere finger pointing would resolve mounting crises.

Amongst other controversial decisions, Dalung singled out fuel subsidy removal sans sufficient mitigating steps, rapid naira depreciation absent boosted domestic output, alongside excessive administrative expenses—all deemed insufficient justifications for shifting fault towards predecessors.

With pointed rhetoric aimed directly at Tinubu himself, Dalung demanded tangible action instead of excuses or pleas for patience amid widespread suffering.

His call echoes across social media platforms where citizens increasingly demand answers regarding policy failures since inauguration day:

“Why does the narrative now switch to blaming Daura when you already seized power?” implored Dalung. “[Tinubu], deliver your promised ‘Lagos miracles,’ not hollow promises!”


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