‘Christmas Is A Pagan Holiday, It Has Nothing To Do With Christianity’ – Daddy Freeze

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“Christmas is a pagan celebration!…”

“Christmas is a Pagan Holiday, It has nothing to do with Christianity, dem no born Christ for 25th of December o…”

These and many more were words of the popular social media influencer and ex-radio broadcaster Daddy Freeze while giving a message on Christmas via his social media handle, during a live broadcast a while ago. 

While he says he’s not condemning the eating of the chicken or the eating of the rice during the holiday, the social media personality has warned the celebrants against the ‘erroneous’ belief that the popular festivity has something to do with Christ. 

He has also stated that people do not need to use the period to remember Christ as he never asked anyone to use it to remember him. 

According to him, the New Testament was written for over 80 years, and about 300 years AD (after the death of Christ), there wasn’t any record of a Christmas celebration. 

Asked how the theory of Christmas then came about, Daddy Freeze reveals that it was part of the idea conceived by an emperor called Constantine, following his decision to become a Christian, and alleging it was even a form of political practice, given the itches between the Jews and some upcoming Christians then. 

Was Christ born on Christmas day?

According to Daddy Freeze, Christmas, which is proposed to be a celebration of Christ’s birthday is an erroneous idea as he believes Christ wasn’t born on the 25th and there was not a record of the celebration of his birthday either during the Bible era or thousands of years after it. 

In a further statement, the popular social media influencer said that there is no instance of record of anyone who’s of God either in the Bible days or after the Bible era, who celebrated Christ’s birthday. 

“You will never see churches like Deeper Life of Kumuyi, M.F.M and some other notable churches celebrate Christmas…”, he reinstated. 

To prove his points further on why Christmas celebration is not Biblical, Daddy Freeze said, “Show me Santa Claus, Christmas tree, or December 25th in the Bible. You cannot just take a Pagan holiday, or something related to idol worship and expect God to stamp it.”

While not antagonizing the fact that people may have their fun around during the holidays, he has emphasised that they should never associate the so-called Christmas holiday with Christ.


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