Southern Kaduna Killings: Its Time We Do It Our Own Way – Resident

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After the mass burial of over 30 people that were killed by marauding bandits in Malagum 1 and Sakwong communities of Kogoro Chiefdom in Southern Kaduna, residents have shared their ordeal.

In a video shared by Arise Television, a resident identified as Lukuchi Daivid said, “The atmosphere was rife with news that there would be an imminent attack. So the women left their abode for the center of the village because that is where my house thinks they are fleeing from danger, not knowing that the attack would start even from the highway that links to Kaduna. So they were fast asleep; they didn’t know that the attack was going on and I had not gone to sleep. So at the sound of the gunshots, everyone scrambled for safety. We forgot that they were even lying down there. The gunshot was everywhere. You can’t know where to run. So that is how they met them asleep and shot them.”

A clergyman identified as Rev Julius Kundi who is also a resident of the area said, “My house is razed down.” Enough of the maiming; we would not take it anymore. The military has failed us, the police have failed us, and the government has failed us. And it is time for us to do it our own way.”

Video Source: Arise News.

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