CRIMINAL LIABILITY: Force PRO Lists Set Of People That Will Not Be Sanctioned If They Commit Offence

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The Force Public Relations Officer of the Nigerian Police Force, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja CSP Prince Olumuyiwa Adejobi has taken to his social media account to educate Nigerians on “Criminal Liability”

“CRIMINAL LIABILITY: it’s important to share this piece with Nigerians so that we can be more knowledgeable about our laws. How much do you know of criminal liability and its exceptions?” – His post partly read.

According to him, criminal liability has two major things: ‘Actus Reus’, which is the physical act and ‘Mens Rea’, the intent.

Adejobi who said every person is presumed to be criminally liable under the law listed those who cannot be sanctioned by the law even if they commit offences that are punishable under the law.

According to him, people who are immature (infant-someone below the age of 7), people who are not mentally stable (insanity), toxification, Bona fide claim of right, mistake of fact (see sec 25 CC, etc).

He then advised Nigerians to avoid anything that will lead them into having issues with those who fall under the category he mentioned because they will not be sanctioned.

He said, “If a person of unsound mind (mad man) moves to you to injure you or hit you with any weapon, please run as much as you can, because he won’t be liable for such act under the law”

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