I Felt Like Crying About Nigeria Situation When I Went To Singapore – Paul Enenche

Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche, the founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center spoke on, “The Profit Of The Power Of God” at November Anointing Service, Sunday First Service, Glory Dome.

While speaking about Nigeria, he said, “By the mercies of God, we have been traveling for a while now, America, UK, Asia, Singapore, Philippines, just around the world. I’ve never gotten used to how I feel about the wickedness of the leaders of our nation. Everytime I travel anywhere, I feel if afresh. When we went to Singapore, I almost felt like crying. Is it possible for something to work like this and our leaders travel and see these things?”

“They travel and go on holidays with their families, go for medical treatments and see these things and even invest there, put millions of dollars there and it doesn’t cross their conscience to make their home like this. I feel it. When driving in Houston, come and see roads, flyovers, everything working. I said, “what is this?” You travel, go for meetings, conferences, United Nations meetings and you don’t see anything.”

He further said, “I see our people plenty there, my heart is broken, it’s like people who ran away from disaster, they’re plenty. Many applied for asylum, refugee status. I saw a young man there the other day, his family is still here, he ran away, and moved there. This guy is about to train in the best IVF specialist in the whole of the US and get a status and start working there, away from Nigeria. Massive brain drain.

(Fast forward from 1 hour 10 minutes for the sermon)


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