Datti Fires Back, Exposes Soyinka’s Past Insult To Late President Abacha

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Datti Yusuf, former Labour Party vice presidential candidate, has fired back at Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka, exposing his past insult to late President Sani Abacha. In a bold response, Baba-Ahmed revealed that Soyinka had once called Abacha “unintelligent”, a comment he deemed unwarranted and hypocritical.

Baba-Ahmed maintained that Soyinka’s disparaging comments about Abacha were unwarranted because the soldier was competent even if he lacked formal education.

Soyinka contended that Peter Obi was unreasonable to hold accountable for containing the Obidients’ taunts directed at him since he was too busy facing his own difficulties.

He made it clear that Soyinka, not Peter Obi, had the responsibility to preserve honour and dignity.

“For all I know, he (Soyinka) could continue to throw punches at my principal, at me as small as I am,” he stated in an interview with Arise TV.

He could keep doing that, but all I can do is weep inside and offer prayers for him. Being intelligent does not grant you the right to disparage others.

I recall how this same Soyinka called the late General Abacha a fool. He has no authority to act in such way. For God’s sake, Abacus was a soldier, not an academic. Additionally, he was a decent one in his own right.

In response to Wole Soyinka’s assertion that Peter Obi supported the insults made towards him by the Obidients, he stated, “Let me tell you, Nobel laureates all over the world are adored and revered by their people. Not just for their own citizens, but for all people around the globe.

“I have never heard where Nobel laureates are being insulted the way Soyinka is being insulted. With all of the challenges at hand, Peter Obi cannot govern Obedients as they are.

“Peter Obi took on a cause without a life jacket, and he paid the price. So it is Wole Soyinka’s obligation to retain his respect and dignity, not Peter Obi’s.

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