What It Means To Take A Cow From A Fulani Man – General Musa

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General Christopher Musa, the Chief of Defense Staff, has shared insights into the factors driving banditry and unrest in Zamfara and other parts of northwest region

In a video shared on YouTube by TVC, General Musa explained that among the Fulani, who are traditional herders, some individuals engage in cattle rustling. He said for the Fulani, cows are extremely valuable and losing them feels like losing everything. He said this profound loss often drives them to seek revenge, which in turn increases the violence in the region

General Musa also pointed out that the overall situation is aggravated by a mix of poverty, lack of infrastructure and clashes between farmers and herders, as well as between the Hausa-Fulani. He said political issues and illegal mining also contribute to the instability in the region

In General Musa’s words: “To Fulani man his cow is everything to him, if you take out his cows, to him he is in fact as good as dead so he would want to revenge”

Watch the video HERE

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