Dial this code to quickly block your ATM card, If robbers attack you

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Due to the high rate insecurity and criminalities in Nigeria and across world, everyone has to be Security conscious to protect yourself from any criminal attacks on your bank account.

You must have be hearing about so many records of criminal attacks on People’s Bank accounts.

During a robbery attempt, however, you can save your cash from armed robbers by blocking your ATM card and deleting all mobile transactions from your phone.

And now the latest way for thieves to collect your money is to tell you to pass the money to their own account in your account.

The money in your house is no longer important to them because they know that people rarely keep their money at home anymore.

This code is also useful when:

1. 419 people trickishly collect your ATM card, or

2. You loose your ATM cars or

3. Pick pockets steal your ATM card and are trying to access it in order to steal your money from your account.

All you have to do is to dial this code

*966*911# instantly from any available phone.

The code is meant to stop all debit transactions from your phone and your ATM card.

You will receive a prompt that will tell you to insert your account number, Do so and follow the next instructions to completely disable fraudulent transactions on your ATM card.

I hope this information was useful.

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