Great Men In history who were brought down by women

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History is very significant because it gives us an indication of past events in order to be able to read and guide people. Many great men were made great by women, directly or indirectly, while many great men were also brought down by women. But anyway, it all depends on the man. Every man has a choice. Your result is determined by the choice you make.

Below are the men that were brought down by women.

  1. Sisera:

Sisera was the Canaanite commander of the army. This Sisera was a very powerful warlord, both ancient and early manuscripts pointed out, and he excelled in battles. He was also mentioned in chapters 4 and 5 of the biblical book of Judges. After fleeing the battle with the Israelites, he ran into a woman’s home. He asked for water, but a woman named Jael gave him milk instead. She had water, but because milk would put him to sleep, she preferred to give him milk. He slept on Jeal’s couch after Sisera drank the milk. She picked up a peg and a hammer and nailed him through the heart. While the man escaped from battle and died by a woman.

  1. Abimelech:

Abimelech was Shechem’s ruler. His combat exploits are too high. He won all the battles he fought, including the destruction of fortified cities. No king was as of then who could stand him. When he invaded another town, however, and was about to destroy it, a woman known as the wife of Thebes threw a large stone at the head of the king. He ordered his guard to kill him when the king saw that he was dying, so that history would not write down the fact that he had been killed by a woman. Then his guard killed him and the war ended. So the great king of shechem was killed by the grinding stone of a woman.

  1. Samson:

It is said that he is the greatest man that has ever lived. The Bible reported that when the men of a city made a big gate to catch Samson, he pulled the gates and carried them on his shoulders up a hill and left them there. His justification for taking it up on a hill was to keep the city’s men from reinstalling the gate. It could not be brought down by all the men of the city, for it was an extremely heavy city gate. He killed thousands of armed men with the jawbone of a donkey. He killed a lion with his bare hands as well. Until they used a woman, anything to bring him down failed. Samson likes to blame women. He was so powerful that he pulled down a theatre hall that could accommodate 100,000 people.

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