Ekpa Responds To Military’s Wanted List, Reveals Next IPOB Move

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Simon Ekpa, a self-proclaimed leader of a faction of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has taken to social media to respond to a Nigerian Defence Headquarters (DHQ) announcement declaring him wanted.

In an X post referencing a newspaper report on Saturday, Ekpa called the outlet “corrupt” and demanded they publish a supposed list of “terrorists” from the “Biafra Government” targeting the Nigerian Army.

Ekpa further claimed that the “Biafra Liberation Army” (an unverified group) recently “neutralized dozens” of military personnel in Orlu, Imo State, and seized weapons. These claims could not be independently verified, and the Nigerian military has not commented on any such incident.

“Today, the Biafra Liberation army neutralise dozens of them in Orlu State and recovered weapons.”

The DHQ’s wanted person listing includes Ekpa alongside suspected insurgents and terrorists. Ekpa has repeatedly denied involvement in violence and maintains his activism is focused on self-determination for Biafra.

Ekpa’s response raises tensions as it suggests an armed wing of the separatist movement and potentially signals a more confrontational approach. It is unclear if Ekpa has any control over such a group, and authorities have not confirmed the existence of a “Biafra Liberation Army.”

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