Peter Obi: What Will Happen To Nigeria If Power Is Given To Such Individual – Daniel Bwala

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According to the report from the Cable, a legal practitioner and public affairs analyst, Daniel Bwala argues that Peter Obi’s supporters have become political extremists and that he is not the kind of leader that Nigeria needs.

He points out that the supporters are behaving in a way that is unproductive and even harmful, refusing to discuss policies or engage in constructive dialogue.

He raises concerns that giving power to such a divisive figure could lead to the country becoming isolated and alienated from the rest of the world. 

He said, “Giving power to such an individual (Peter Obi) will mean we will turn Nigeria into a pariah state. His supporters, the majority of whom are outside Nigeria, are disgruntled and they think their problems are caused by the establishment.

“They are behaving like political extremists. They keep talking about taking back the country, but they won’t discuss policies on how they want to achieve that. They are behaving like political bandits, attacking anyone who doesn’t share their views. That is not how to be a responsible opposition.”

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