Even If Politicians Hire Fake Bishops And Tugs In The 2023, It Won’t Stop The Will Of God – Pastor Enenche

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Founder and the leading pastor of the Dunamis Church International, Pst Dr. Paul Enenche has stated that no corrupt practices from any of the Politicians in the general election in 2023, will stop the will of God from happening

Pst Enenche, while speaking to his members during a service in his church in Abuja, said no negative plans from presidential candidates and party members will be able to stop the will of God

He said even if anyone hires fake or real bishops, or even if anyone goes as far as hiring tugs to disrupt the electoral process, it won’t prevent the will of God.

In a viral video shared online, he said

” Nothing is going to work in the next election, only the will of God will happen. Whether you hire fake bishops or unfake bishops, anyone you want just hires, it won’t work. Fake, unfake, even impart fewer bishops, just hire them. Go to the street, pay money to tugs it will never work in the coming election”

However, while speaking, he advised the voters not to sell their votes stating that corrupt followers are the ones responsible for corrupt leaders

” Like I use to say, corruption of leadership and corruption of followership go hand in hand. But it is time to say no more!”

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