Experience 2022: Comedian Akpororo Mocks Peter Obi, Nigerians React

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Nigerian comedian, Akpororo, has sparked mixed reactions after making a mockery of the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Peter Obi, over his consistent visit to church programmes.

Naturenex reports that Obi attended the annual gospel musical concert organized by the House On The Rock church in Lagos on Friday night, December 2, 2022.

Upon his introduction, Peter Obi was welcomed with loud cheers from the crowd and this is not his first time at a religious gathering since the election campaign started.

Akpororo who also attended the event during his performance took a jab at the LP flagbearer stating he always attended all events including those he is uninvited.

The comedian’s statement sparked mixed reactions from many Nigerians.

@obi_Nwosu wrote: “Akpororo should know that a serious politician will always try to connect with the people he seeks to represent. Whether invited or uninvited, Peter Obi did the right thing by showing up for the experience 2022. This is me showing up a child dedication uninvited.”

@DrArowoloAyoola wrote: “Akpororo’s joke was a total turn-off! My opinion is that comedians should be subject to speech audits. We cannot move from the atmosphere stirred up by Nathaniel Bassey to Akpororo. The joke about Peter Obi and Iya Rainbow was inappropriate and offensive.”

@TheJagaban wrote: “Akpororo is a fool. How does he know Pastor Paul didn’t invite PO or he’s not aware PO will be coming? A serious candidate use every opportunity to sell himself. Peter Obi is a man who genuinely wants to serve”

@WestJnr05 wrote: “The Akpororo joke might sound funny but in actual fact it’s true. Una candidate doesn’t even have value anymore. Going to places uninvited. He’s so petty politically. An insult to Nigeria Presidency”

@Wan_mbatugh wrote: “I do not support comedy in a church program but I bet Obi’s supporters are hating Akpororo right now! He said Obi is attending all church events even the programs he is not invited to.This made me laugh so hard”

@DamyAdeyemi wrote: “Whether Akpororo’s Peter Obi joke was cool or not I don’t know. My own is that what he said or implied wasn’t even true. The fact is that, every event that Peter Obi attended, he was invited. And when Obi was governor, he never missed church services. The man is different”

@Ugegbe_1 wrote: “Get Akpororo off the stage. We just finished a powerful worship only for us to be seeing this? Next year shouldn’t be like this please. This is rubbish”

@realOkeyAnya wrote: they said obidients will cancel akpororo. we aren’t canceling anyone for speaking the truth. make we no look for peter obi for church after he becomes the president. i support that; president wey dey go church go make sense!

@Laaycon wrote: “I’m ashamed on behalf of the Obidients. How do you Stan a man that is so predictable.
They can all see behind his fake love for Pentecostal now and they will vote against him. He is disgracing himself. Akpororo just made him look so desperate and foolish. Obi at experience”

@Stephenchukwude wrote:” Akpororo was doing his job no string should be attached, stand up comedians usually crack jokes with the most prominent/popular in the event. I know we all love obi but we should atimes behave like obi himself who always show love to people that says bad against him.”


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