Facts you should know about women with curves

If you didn’t know, being curvy has always been a symbol of fertility, and a high percentage of men prefer to like women with wide hips because wide hips make a woman attractive.

Funny enough, due to how they often knock into stuff, some curvy women do not like their form. But some women prefer curvy form and can be curvaceous to any degree (surgery and the like) in others.

It has also been scientifically validated, however, that most men find women who have curves more desirable than women without curves.

However, Truth2truth Have File-up Facts You Should Know About Women With Curves, Let Check Them Out Below;

Your hourglass shape attracts men

Having big hips can even have an impact on the type of guys that they date. Some guys prefer women who are shaped like Kim Kardashian. If you have a similar body shape, men will be drawn to you. A body like that is ideal for them and they wouldn’t want to change anything about it.

Men find wider hips more attractive because once again, they signal fertility and good genes for mating. Psychologist Devendra Singh conducted a study of people’s waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) and found that men were most attracted to women with a WHR of 0.7. Otherwise known as “the hourglass shape”, this waist-to-hip ratio indicates a waist that is significantly smaller than the hips. An analysis that was done on the body figures of Playboy models and Miss America contestants showed that most of these women had a WHR of 0.7 or lower. In a 2004 study, Singh further concluded that men find a WHR between 0.67 and 1.18 in women extremely attractive.

You can’t lose your bodyweight so easily

To top it all off, the small waist makes it unbelievable that someone can be so perfect.

Having big hips makes it challenging for one to lose because of the fat in your hips. They don’t have much belly fat because of their bone structure. They also have big thighs because this is an extension of their hips.

You can give birth more easily

Women with wider hips are known to give birth more easily. It is all about that hip-width that enables them to have less pain and give birth in no time.

Their pear-shaped body saves them in moments when they should feel a lot of pain. People call those kinds of hips childbearing hips as well.

It is because women with larger hips give birth much more easily than women with narrower hips. A baby can easily slip through and you won’t even feel anything.

It won’t hurt you like it will hurt someone with narrow hips, that is for sure.

So, if you also have these kinds of hips, you should be happy because there are women who would kill just to look like you.

Do childbearing hips make giving birth easier?

The bottom line is yes — having childbearing (wider) hips could make childbirth easier. Wider hips provide plenty of room for a baby to pass through the pelvic bones. But hip size isn’t the only factor that affects your birth experience.


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