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Column for Initiates

written by Mazi Odera Igbo (POg)


Preaching Ritheousness is now obsolete, speaking against the Satanic domination has been blurred with brilliant shadow boxing created by preachers of today.

For the Record, Preachers of today don’t preach the ways to Heaven or the one that peeks from the Cross, they simply preach the ways of wealth, the way to build Mansion on Earth, despise what Jesus prepared in heaven for us and said so before he left, he said he is going to build us a mansion in Heaven.

They think that Jesus is an archaic Man who don’t understand what’s up, Jesus in his days always borrow even common Donkey for a crucial Mission, others he trek them.

He borrow Canoe to teach Humanity from Sea, but our today’s Preachers or should I say Religious looters have avalanche of Cars even Planes (all in Plural), while under linings of them all live below poverty, yet they make it sound as if God is partial by giving it all to the G.O and Bishops, then starve other Servants in his vine Yard.

None of the modern day God of Men has ever commanded 20,000 congregations with all TV, Radio, Newspaper, Social Media adverts but Jesus commanded such number on an unannounced Ministration, where Bible recorded that he fed them after feeding thier souls… Wait a minute, the Bible said he fed 5,000 Men, not counting Women and Children and we know that where we have 100 Men, that women and Children will triple it, so do the rough Maths and agree with me that over 20,000 was in that Ministration.

Hear me, with today’s Preachers, they would’ve started raising money for Church building, Money for Workers in the Vine yard.. Then Seed of prosperity, another seed for Breakthrough, Seed for the faithful, seed of Covenant, seed of the Redeemed…

But Jesus never ask for even Thanksgiving, he simply fed them magnanimously and set them free.. Little wonder, he was able to raise the death and none today heals Headache unless the arranged and fake Miracles.

Preachers are no longer Men of God, but god of Men, as they revered self high above our Savior, they openly tell you how they heal the Sick, alleviate the poor into world of Riches, how they heal Broken homes they broke in the first place..

None ever ask self, can you do this on your own if the Redeemer is not involved?.. Well it can’t, but the hard truth is, the powers they invoke is not from Heaven but from some Coven between Togo and Ghana or other fetish places in Nigeria, then they lay thier filthy hands on your head and transfer into you the filth they posses and you shout Amen like Thunder because you are looking for Financial miracle and not God’s mercy or his ways.

The faith of believers today has waxed so cold that Jesus is wondering if this is his name they are desecrating or another Jesus?.

Jesus said, in my name they will heal the sick and raise the death, he never said, in my name they will swindle the just and rape the wallet of the saints.

He never meant to create monsters who will use Bible and rape the faithful with Lustful ideas.

Today, even in the Church, we are flexible when preaching about ills and ways of Satan, because most of the ones who has the money to dole out are tainted with brush of Satan.

Jesus preach Salvation but today we preach RICHNESS and Wealth.

Satan met Jesus with Boldness and without iota of lie, reminded him that wealth of this world belong to him Lucifer.. Come with me please..

Mathew 4 vs 8 Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor.
9 “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”…

Satan show Jesus all the wealth, we know he can’t lie to Jesus, so he rightly ask him to bow, just bowing only and he will give him all the wealth… Jesus said to him “Get lost, you Onuku”..

But today, Satan is yet to ask Pastors to bow down, but they have started kissing even his Butts to get Church filled with unrepentant Maggots that serve as Customers, never Christians.

Satan is yet to dangle his wealth and Churches has divorced Jesus and crowned Satan, then imagine what it will be, if Satan decided to show them great wealth, I am sure they will remove Cross or say Crucifix and hung Spear to represent Devil on Altars.

The type of preachers I see today, if any venture to conduct Deliverance that is not staged, I am sure what happened in ACTS 19 vs 15..” One day the evil spirit answered them, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know about, but who are you?”… Such will repeat again and again on them.

I am pained that our Bishops are more Political than Religious, and they have sealed thier souls from Christ and open same to prosperity and eternal doom.

I am sure they know what was written in Matthew 7:23, : “And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”.

I will conclude with an episode with a Powerful Prophet who apes the ways of our Modern day preachers, Prophet Ballam.. Numbers 22 VS 7 The elders of Moab and Midian left, taking with them the fee for divination.(O) When they came to Balaam, they told him what Balak had said.(Fee of Divination is what Politicians give to our Bishops today).

Vs 16 They came to Balaam and said:
“This is what Balak son of Zippor says: Do not let anything keep you from coming to me,
17 because I will reward you handsomely(T) and do whatever you say. Come and put a curse(U) on these people for me.”.(Reward you abundantly was the Key that opens even the heart of all preachers no matter the previous spiritual height).

I pray you all this Bishops, Father’s, Reverends that left the Way to the Cross ad started preaching the way to Government House, Mpa Nnukwu is angry, and just know that he created COVID for Gentiles, but if you press much, he will allow you to have two portion of the Covid..
Repent before the anger gets to you.

Face the across and consign self with pulling men out of out of Sin, not socialism with iniquities laid on Political turf.

I remain Last Born Mpa Nnukwu, Mkpisi Ndi Egede, Special Adviser on Good Governance, Mazi Odera POg JP and I come with peace because Mpa Nnukwu na ewe iwe and he want to sneeze which is epidemic, don’t make him spit at us for that is more devastating than Earth quake.

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