Fear of the Igbos scared Cameroonians away from joining Nigeria – Professor Fanso

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Cameroon is one of the countries that is very close to Nigeria. They share common boundaries. Before Cameroon became a country of its own, they were given two options to either join Nigeria or French Cameroon but see what they did according to professor Fanso who is a Cameroonian.

An extract of his words with BBC reads;

In 1961, we were denied the option of having our own country. We were only given two options; either we join Nigeria or we join French Cameroon.

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We were afraid of the Igbos due to their domineering nature. They were controlling all the markets and occupying large farms and settlements in our territory. They were very intimidating.

Fear of competing with the Igbos is what scared Cameroonians away from joining Nigeria. But one thing is very clear and certain about the Igbos; they don’t force or threaten anyone, but their uniqueness of doing business is really terrific.

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Indeed, Igbos got talent and their talent is what keeps them going. No matter the economic condition of a country, Igbos must and will survive. It’s a kudos from me!

One hidden secret about the Igbos is their power of creativity. While others may be busy living classy and flashy live, the Igbos will be busy investing for the future.

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If many should start thinking like the Igbos, poverty rate will be low in Nigeria because many will survive in their immediate environment by being creative and innovative without depending on anybody.

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