Why Panya, the worst area to make money in Africa

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Base on many Nigerian reactions and experiences, Panya in Equatorial Guinea which was known as the “land of no return.” Many Nigerians said that it’s the worst area for anyone to do business and be successful in life, despite being a rich country.

Equatorial Guinea is a country in Central Africa with its capital Malabo, on Bioko Island.

With Spanish colonial architecture, Bioko island is a hub for the country’ s prosperous oil industry.

There are many Nigerian populations working and doing business in Equatorial guinea, mostly Igbos.

It is where the inside story of ” Panya, the land of no return originated.

Equatorial guinea is a very rich African country with drive of tourism, free education and 24 hours power supply for its citizens.

Behind the story of Panya is a tale of extravagant lifestyle which involves a lot of partying, clubing, womanizing and merriment such like there’ s no tomorrow.

Most Nigerians believe that anybody that go to Panya become useless in life as they spend many years there living extravagant lifestyles instead of planning for their life.

Some Nigerians also tell stories of their fellow Nigerians that lived there for more than three decades and return back to the country with nothing.

See what some Nigerians are saying about Panya.

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