Finally, Peter Obi Reacts To Dogara’s Declaration Of Support For Atiku, PDP

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The recent support thrown to the 2023 presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, by a former speaker of the House of Representatives appears to have rattled many Nigerian politicians.

Dogara, who is currently a card-carrying member of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) on Friday, December 2, announced his support and that of some northern Christian leaders for Atiku and the PDP.

The former speaker of the House of Representatives said their support for the PDP flag bearer followed the decision of the APC, of which he is a member, to settle for a Muslim-Muslim ticket despite outcry by many Nigerians especially the northern Christians.

Reacting to Dogara’s endorsement of Atiku, the ObiDatti Media Campaign Organisation said the former speaker’s belief that Peter Obi will not win the 2023 presidential election is jaundiced.

The statement released on Sunday, December 4, and seen by said Dogara has a fundamental right to choose who to support and nobody can hold that against him.

The team, however, noted that the former speaker’s effort to inject his ‘old testament politics’ into the system to suit his selfish interest is not going to do him any good.

It read in parts:

“Clearly, the former Speaker knows that he is swimming against the tide by his unpopular decision which amounts to running from frying pan to fire; from one injustice to another and claiming to be acting on behalf his people whose anger for the two wrongs of the two main political parties are glaring.

“Hon Dogara knows as a fact that his position does not reflect the heart and mind of the majority of the Nigerian populace who are already on the moving train to take back the country from the primaeval political thinkers like him.

Further stating that the team sympathises with the former speaker of the House of Representatives, the ObiDatti Media office said history will be kind to place him (Dogara) as the leader who turned his back on his people when it mattered most.

It added:

“Obi-Datti Media Office, therefore, sympathizes with Hon. Dogara for failing woefully to grab the ample opportunity that every politician looks forward to, standing for their people at a critical time of their abandonment.

“History will certainly place him as a leader who turned his back on his people when they rose against injustice and oppression.”


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