I Like The Igbos Because, During Christmas They Leave Lagos And Travel To Their Villages – Adeboye

While preaching on the topic titled, “In My Father’s House,” the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A. Adeboye, stated that he likes the Igbo people because each time it comes to Christmas celebration, they always return to their roots in the village.

He stated that a house in the topic “In my father’s house” does not actually mean a real house but a family or the root where one belongs. While giving an illustration, he stated that when a child, who is sitting on a seat stands up for an elder who has no seat, the elder will tell him that he comes from a good house. According to him, the child came from a good family.

However, Pastor Adeboye stated that he likes the Igbo because they don’t normally forget their roots. He added that they don’t normally care about their mansions because they are not as important as their families in the villages. 

According to him, “I like my friends of the Igbo culture. When it is Christmas season, they leave the mansions they have there in Lagos and move to the village.” They are going back to their roots, and when you ask them where they’re going, they will tell you, “I’m going to my house.”


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