Governor Soludo Faces Strong Reactions Over Destruction Of Goods In Awka, Anambra State

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Governor Charles Soludo of Anambra State faces strong criticism as traders express outrage over the destruction of goods in Awka, the state capital.

Reports reveal that the petty traders suffered significant losses on Oby Okoli and Abakiliki Streets, where officials of Awka Capital Territory Development Agency (ACTDA) carried out a massive destruction of wares.

The ongoing dualization project on these streets, part of Soludo’s development initiatives, has led to the forceful eviction of street traders, prompting discontent among the affected traders.

The destruction of goods, which occurred on Monday, allegedly had the oversight of ACTDA’s Managing Director, Mr Ossy Onuko.

A victim, Ukamaka Eze, who provided video evidence of the destruction of wares, said: “Unlike other times when they used to confiscate people’s goods, today’s own (Monday), they confiscated and immediately set them ablaze.

“I think Soludo is heartless if he actually sent those people. We are complaining of hardship and how we can survive, and here, they are burning our goods. This is unfair.”

Another trader in the area who identified himself as Ejimofor said: “They have been shooting guns here.

“They are shameless people. Old women who are selling food condiments, they just destroyed their goods, and when people wanted to intervene, they started shooting.

“I think Soludo does not know what these people are doing, because this was not what he promise us.”

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