“Truth Doesn’t Set Anyone Free, The Bible Never Said That” – Fr. Oluoma

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In a thought-provoking Facebook post, Fr. Oluoma questions the conventional wisdom that the truth sets individuals free. Contrary to societal beliefs, he points to historical figures like John the Baptist, Stephen, and Jesus Christ’s apostles, arguing that their fates, marked by persecution and death, challenge this notion.

Fr. Oluoma contends, “Do you really believe that the truth sets anyone free? Look at John the Baptist, he spoke the truth and was killed. His death wasn’t pretty at all. Stephen died because he spoke the truth. All the apostles of Jesus Christ died or suffered persecution for speaking the truth. Where is the freedom? The truth doesn’t set anyone free. The bible never said it does anyway. What the bible says is: ‘you shall know the truth, and it will set you free.’ So, the truth that sets you free is not the truth you speak, it is the truth you know.”

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