Hamas Only Has Two Options – Israeli Defense Minister Gallant

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In a recent address at the IDF’s officers school in southern Israel, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant delivered a powerful speech about the critical elements of effective leadership and indirectly critiquing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Gallant underscored the significance of strong leadership characterized by dedication to the mission, leading by personal example, and the fundamental importance of taking responsibility.

Addressing the multifaceted challenges confronting Israel, Gallant highlighted the complexities of conflicts in various regions, including the north, south, and undisclosed locations. He specifically pointed out the intense nature of the ongoing war, where he asserted that Hamas is left with only two stark choices: surrender or face death, with no third alternative in sight.

“Hamas has only two options: Surrender or death, there is no third option. We are achieving the goals of the war: the dismantling of Hamas as a military system and a governing system, and the return of all the hostages to their homes,” he says.

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