[VIDEO] Woman Makes Move After Discovering Husband Has Been Eating Children’s Placenta

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A shocking incident has come to light where a mother-of-three is reportedly seeking a divorce from her husband after discovering that he had been consuming their children’s placenta.

The revelation was shared on TikTok by @itzz__joygray, who claims to be a neighbor of the affected woman.

The distressing situation unfolded when the woman, who recently gave birth to her third child, she found out that her husband had been eating the placenta.

Typically, the husband ensured that the placenta was saved for him to take home, but due to his absence, the hospital disposed of it.

As soon as he realized the placenta was gone, he caused a scene in the hospital but it was already too late and they had disposed it.

Soon after they were discharged from the hospital, everything in their home started going sideways.

That was when the husband confessed that it was because he didn’t eat the placenta of the last child as per tradition in his hometown.

For more details and reactions, watch the video shared by @itzz__joygray on TikTok


Ahhhhh do you guys think he is a ritualist or the brookness it’s natural ???? #itzz_joygray #storytime #uktiktok????????uk

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