Peter Obi: What To Do If There Are Too Many Rats In Your House When You Want To Sleep – Prof Ikechukwu

In a recent interview on Channels TV, Professor Okey Ikechukwu, an expert in strategic management and human capital development, shared illuminating insights into how former Anambra State Governor, Peter Obi, effectively tackled corruption during his tenure.

The revelations by Prof Ikechukwu aimed to challenge the common belief that individuals with good intentions cannot succeed in a corrupt system.

During his time as Governor, Peter Obi demonstrated a meticulous approach to financial management. Prof Ikechukwu recounted how Obi would diligently review expenditures, contacting market individuals personally to verify costs and ensure accountability.

“When Peter was Governor, by 1 am, he said, ‘Okey, see how much I’ve saved today.’ When he gets a file, he will check the unit cost and check the total. If the unit cost was too high, he would personally contact individuals in the market to verify the accurate unit cost, knowing they would be held accountable,” Prof Ikechukwu explained during the interview.

When asked about the potential for arrests to combat corruption, Peter Obi responded metaphorically, “He said if you want to sleep and there are toare’o many rats in your house, you know it’s the fish they want. Don’t use a wooden basket, use a metal. Once you sure they won’t take your fish, sleep,” Prof Ikechukwu shared. This analogy highlighted Obi’s belief in creating deterrents while maintaining a functional system.


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