Hoodlums Hijack Protest In Niger State, Steal Food Items From Trucks

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A peaceful protest by fish vendors against rising fish prices in Niger State’s Suleja area has taken a sinister twist after being hijacked by unruly elements.

Confirming the incident to TheCable, PRP candidate Sadiq Bala revealed how the situation escalated when aggrieved youths joined the initial protest, blocking the bustling Abuja-Kaduna Road and stealing goods from passing vehicles, including food items from Dangote and BUA trucks.

As the chaos unfolded, soldiers and local police forces arrived on the scene, attempting to restore order through the use of tear gas. Despite their efforts, the protesters continued until they were eventually dispersed, allowing the highway to reopen for normal traffic flow.

This disturbance comes amidst a series of protests across Nigeria due to the increasing costs of essential commodities following the removal of fuel subsidies last year.

As the nation grapples with economic challenges, incidents like these highlight the growing tensions between citizens and authorities struggling to manage the fallout from recent policy changes.

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