How Can They Expect Tinubu To Lead The Nation When He Doesn’t Come To Town Hall Debate – Dr Jeffrey Guterman

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There have been mixed reactions after APC presidential flag bearer was missing among other presidential aspirant in a town hall meeting organized by AriseTv for all aspirants to discuss their plans to Nigerians in a debate.

Dr Jeffrey Guterman, a foreigner has reacted as Tinubu was not present in the presidential town hall meeting, he said

At the end of the town hall on ARISEtv, the host said that Tinubu was invited and “he declined .” How in God’s name can Nigeria expect Tinubu to lead the nation when he refuses to participate in a town hall? If his current supporters have any self-respect, then they’ll dump him.

In my own opinion, the APC presidential campaign team should encourage their aspirant to participate in presidential debate because it is platform whereby Nigerians get to understand the plans their aspirant have for the country.


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