None Of The Govs Can Defend Their Wealth, They Are Lucky Nigeria Is Not China – Omirhobo

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A well known Nigerian lawyer and human rights activist, Malcolm Omirhobo, has taken out his time to drag Nigerian governors, both past and present, accusing them of looting their state treasury while in power as governors.

According to a tweet he made on his twitter handle, Mr Omirhobo noted that 99 per cent of state governors in Nigeria, both past and present are very rich, noting that these Governors assume office as church rats and paupers, only for them to end up being super rich, after ruthlessly looting their states treasuries.

Ending his tweet, he made it known that none of these Governors can’t defend their wealth, noting that they are very lucky that Nigeria is not China.

On several occasions, other Nigerians had accused these state governors of looting their various states dry while in office, which is the main reason why they citizens are suffering.

Just few days ago, President Muhammadu Buhari accused state governors not looting funds meant for the local government area, thereby depriving the people living in rural areas good living. Nigerians must learn how to hold their Governors accountable, so as to move Nigeria forward.

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