How Legendary Bob Marley Died After Surviving A Bullet To The Chest

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Robert Nesta Marley a Jamaica singer, born in Nine mile, British Jamaica on the 6 February 1945; marly increase the worldwide spread of music especially in Jamaica through constant passion he has for music. He was known with a vocal and songwriting style which made him distinct in his music profession, also known as a rastafari icon. In addition to this, marly has a sense of spirituality through the influence of his music. In 1963, he fully engages in his music career after forming a Bob marley and the wailers. At the scratch of his album, he release his first record ” not judge” in 1962 before forming or joining the wailer group due to his poor performance in the first release. History marked him to be of a poor background and the world ambassador who struggled in poverty not until he found inspiration in the music around him.

In 1965, after forming the wailer group, the group released its debut studio album; the wailing wailers who contained the single ” one love/ People get ready” , the group became more influential due to the rapid figure in reggae in which they developed.

While in spiritual side, Marly developed a growing passion in the Rastafarian movement with which he base it on both religion and politics drawing his benefit among many sources including Jamaica nationalist, Marcus Garvey, The old Testament and their African heritage and culture.

The wailers had big break in 72 when they had landed a contract with the island record title, ” Catch a fire” . They tour both Britain and the United States, performing as an opening act for Bruce Springsteen and sly and the family stone just within 12 month of singing the contract. Still on the same year, the group releases their second full album ” Bunin” featured as ” I shot the sheriff.

At this time Marley had became popular, he went on to release his solo material under the band’ s name, on his debut studio album know as Natty Dread in 1974 which gave him a positive reception and fame with a follow up Rastaman vibration in 1976. Few months later after releasing album, he survived an assassination attempt at his home in Jamaica during rehearsing with the wailer group by some groups of gunmen on December 3 1976, a bullet struck his chest and bicep and another hit his wife in the head, the wailer group didn’ t sustain much injury like Marley, this was as the result of his support to the people nation party. By then, he had release trending track ” war” to him which stands as an expression of faith and interest and interest in political change; which word was taking from a speech made by Haile selassie who was an Ethiopian emperor being regarded as a spiritual leader in the Rastafarian movement. Through his song, he discusses a new African, one without the racial hierarchy enforced by colonial rule.

This also led to his permanent relocation to London. There at London, he released a widespread album Exodus in 1977: it include element of blues, souls and British rock. He record great success in the commercial market.

Marley was already diagnosed with cancer called the acral lentignous melanoma even as he and his group played an official independence ceremony for the new nation Zimbabwe. He undergo a serious treatment in Germany, he was able to withstand the illness for few month with the knowledge of having few time to live.

In 1981, he died as the result of his illness. He was honored by his fans around the world who express their grief during his funeral In Jamaica.

His fans released the greatest hit album Legend in1984 with a high best selling reggae album of all time. Today, marly ranks as one of the best- selling music artists of all time, with estimated sales of more than 75 million records worldwide. In addition, he was honored soon after his death with a designated order of worth or merit by his nation Jamaica which he tried returning before his death at the road of his decision.

The rock and roll hall of fame inducted him and finally ranked as the no. 11 on the list of the 100 Greatest Artists of all time by the Rolling stone.

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