Why These 3 Countries Can Not Be Easily Invade

There are many countries can not easily invaded by any enemy attackers. These countries are highly fortified their countries with strong military weapons.

However, there are major 3 strong countries that invaders fears to near, which includes the following.

  1. The United Sates of America

Every year, the United States invests $596 billion in its military. The 54-billion-dollar boost in defence spending proposed by former President Trump is comparable to 80% of Russia’s entire military budget on its own.

  1. Israel

In its 69-year history, Israel has fought eight wars and has never lost one. The country has a 176,000 strong army, and mandatory military service was implemented in 1949. Women must serve in the military for a minimum of 24 months, while men must serve for a minimum of 36 months. This means that a considerable section of Israel’s population has been trained for combat, and the country could call on another 1.5 million soldiers if necessary. Israel has also built the world’s best missile defence system, the iron dome, which entails shooting enemy missiles out of the sky with its own missiles.

  1. Bhutan

Bhutan is one of the world’s most isolated countries, nestled up in the Himalayas with a 6,000-strong army and no artillery or air force. Due to the country’s geography, which is unsuitable for tanks and ground forces, an invasion of Bhutan would be unfeasible.


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