How Most Businesses Are Affected Without Social Media

You will not easily be convinced to believe that some businesses have yet to accept social media marketing for their business and prefer to use the old-fashioned way of marketing instead of the digitalized form.

Your business, either directly or indirectly, could be affected. For example, a new business may just need a little push to reach a large audience, but because you don’t use social media marketing for your business, it may just limit that business to a group of people or cycle.

Below are ten harmful things that can happen to your business if you don’t use social media.

1. Customer Retention

There are certain tactics or techniques that you can use to retain your customers. You can choose to do different things with them, like commenting on their posts or replying to their messages in your inbox, to keep them coming back.

Sometimes your customers may want to make some complaints by accessing your social media platforms but are unable to do so. They see these platforms as the fastest means to reach you, but since you’re not on the social media platform, there’s no way they can reach you, and then going physically to your office might be a big challenge for them, or trying to call your customer care line will take more time, for which they may not have that much patience.

2. Recruitment Process

Social media can also be a channel for recruitment. That is, searching for potential candidates to fill vacant positions. Because unemployment is already a problem in the country, by providing employment opportunities, you have also boosted the economy positively through your social media platform. 

Since you don’t have this social media marketing for your business, you may be limited to a certain level of searching for valuable employees. Your potential employee may not be a follower, but sharing this information from one timeline to another may lead you to the employee you seek. Since you don’t have this platform, you will always miss out on meeting the best candidate.

3. Limit To Wider Online Presence

In this digital age, if you’ve been noticing closely, you will observe that, one way or the other, every individual out there is connected to the internet, and every one of those individuals has been active on various social media platforms.

If you don’t use social media, there is no way your products can reach out to these people that are online both far and near, and then you have less access to meeting a wider audience. You may be over fifty kilometers from your potential client. Ideally, you might not be able to go there physically, and then you’ve missed out on the opportunity to boost the sales of your products.

4. Unaware of customer feedback

As long as you don’t use social media to promote your business, you won’t be able to solve any problems your customers might have or start making some of the changes they suggest.

5. Unawareness Of Competitive Strategy

Your competitors may have a strategy that they use to satisfy the customer, but since most of the time you are offline and you do not use social media marketing in your business, you will not know what these strategies are and how to handle them. You’re not monitoring your competitor, but instead, you’re trying to figure out how to build up and then serve your clients properly.

6. Unable to build a good reputation

Your reputation will not stand out online compared to offline because most people don’t know you online, and since most people will spend their time on their phones online when you sell your products, they have no idea what this product is about or what it’s used for, and by doing so, your reputation is not up to a certain standard.

7. Business crisis

There is a saying that goes like this: with no social media presence, your business can be humbled by the tsunami of angry voices online. What this means is that in business crises, you are expected to get solutions from your clients or business partners who have reviewed your products, know the flaws, and prefer panaceas to these problems.

8. The Marketing Methods Are Expensive

The old pattern of marketing products is more expensive because you need to pay for advertisements. You have to look for marketers, pay these marketers, visit radio and television, and also pay for advertisements. At least for a beginner, all of these items are quite expensive. On social media, you just need to have data and have the right audience to market your product.

9. Slow Business Growth

You do not expect the growth of your business to be as fast as an individual who uses social media to market its products because he gets to reach out to a wider audience like we talked about earlier, like you Your audience is limited to people around you or people you know, so before your workplace, you don’t have any possibility of meeting someone from a faraway place or meeting someone not close to your vicinity or workplace, so do not expect the performance to be the same.

10. Lack Of Partnerships With Other Businesses

There is a possibility that if your business was to be online, you would get to meet similar businesses with their goals and you would both share ideas on how to promote your industry, but because your business is not online, there’s no possibility of meeting this kind of partnership with other businesses. You just limit yourself to certain opportunities, and you miss most of them.

Conclusion: If you are yet to accept social media marketing for your business, I’ll advise you to do so immediately because there are various ways your business might be affected if you don’t use social media marketing to market your product.


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