How To Apply For Opay POS In Nigeria

As an OPay agent, you’ve got got the possibility to come to be a “mini-bank” in your instantaneously neighborhood.

OPay is a swiftly developing Fintech enterprise in Nigeria. They are crucial in quite a few fields, which include business banking. You can evaluation the OPay Agent manual later. This web page explains how you, as an Opay agent, can gain and use a POS (Point of Sale) terminal in Nigeria for withdrawals, transfers, deposits, and different transactions. As an agent in your neighborhood, you could earn extra cash with this.

Opay POS
How to apply for Opay POS in Nigeria

What are the necessities for making use of for an OPay POS in Nigeria?

  1. Agents ought to be familiar with the transaction styles and man or woman interface of the app. So, you ought to be successful in characteristic multiple transactions with the use of the OPay App.
  2. Complete immoderate amount of transactions inner four weeks of the use of the OPay App.
The steps to becoming an OPay agent are outlined below, as well as exercises for using the OPay POS machine.

Log in to your device’s OPay app.

Select the ‘Merchant Application’ icon from the drop-down menu.

As instructed, fill in all critical statistics.

Upload the last three months’ worth of transaction data.

A valid ID card (International Passport, Voters’ Card, National ID, or Driver’s License) must be uploaded.

Take a picture of your company’s headquarters and post it to the portal.

Send us your OPay POS software for evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions about the OPay Point-of-Sale (POS)

What is the cost of applying for an OPay POS Machine in Nigeria?
The OPay POS software is available for free. It’s known as a warning fee, even though you should retain at least N20,000 in your OPay Wallet. The warning charge is deducted from your wallet as soon as the POS request is authorized. Only when the agent returns the POS terminal will the N20,000 be repaid.

How long does OPay POS take to set up?
Within 24 hours, all OPay POS requests are examined and processed. Once your request for the POS terminal has been granted, the agent assistance team will call you to let you know when the POS terminal will be ready to pick up.

In Nigeria, how can I receive OPay free POS?
To become an OPay agent, all you have to do is go to the app store, download the OPay app, and register “to become an agent.” Signing up is free, and you’ll also get a free POS machine.

NOTE: The OPay POS is loose; however, marketers ought to have a warning price of 20,000 Naira of their OPay wallets; the warning cash may be charged as quickly because the POS utility is approved. When the agent returns the POS terminal, the cash may be reimbursed to them.


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