How To Become A Millionaire As A Freelancer

Whether you believe that it is possible or not to become a millionaire, your idea will never diminish the possibility. Self-made millionaire, Steve Siebold said the journey to wealth has to do with what you think about money.

“Most people believe that getting rich is out of their control, but the wealthy see it as an inside job,” Siebold said. Pay more attention to self-development.
Millionaire Tucker Hughes, says the safest place he has ever invested is in his future. Hughes’ routine included reading for at least 30 minutes every day, assimilating useful things while driving, and constantly on the lookout for mentors.

According to Hughes, you don’t need to be a genius in your field. You just have to be versatile enough to make a useful contribution whenever a toric comes up. Your quest for knowledge should be placed above everything else.

Fun fact: Warren Buffett, who is listed as a billionaire, estimates that he will spend 80 percent of his working hours reading.
Now to make the story short, and hit the nail on the head. Your question may likely to be, Is it really possible to become a millionaire when you are self-employed, or a freelancer? The answer is capital YES. But below are 3 tricks that works for freelancers.

First things first: If you quit your dull day job because you want to make it rich as a freelancer, you’re in for a rude awakening. To be successful as a solo entrepreneur, you need a pinch of faith, a drop of luck, and about ten tons of determination. Only hard workers are needed, and loving your work is the first prerequisite to success as a freelancer.

In short: if you’re in for the money, you may be out of luck. You want to make legitimate money? Climb the appropriate ladder! (A word of advice: lately, that old allied ladder has become pretty unstable, so be careful where you put your feet, and make sure you hold yourself).

Doing the math, and making the most of each contract

The two things that hold most freelancers back from breaking the million-dollar mark are (1) the number of billable hours in a year, and (2) the cap on the hourly billing rate that’s so important.

If you want to make a million dollars billing by the hour, these are the numbers: Working 50 weeks a year, you need to earn $20,000 each week, or $4,000 a day, starting Monday. Assuming you’re working 8 hours a day, that means you’ll be billing a client at $500 an hour.

Here are some ways to go about this problem.

unrealistic? I bet. There are many freelancers who charge $200 or $300 per hour, but if you charge even more and you run the risk of pushing away your clients. Bottom line: You won’t get rich through billable hours. Then what?

1. Offer Billing:

If you can come up with the right deal or project, you can bill clients by the project rather than by the hour. Large projects can make thousands of dollars.

2. Residues: 

Depending on the nature of your work, you can also make a deal that includes residual paints, ie you build in contracts. When an actor does a film, he can get relics for years every time that film is shown.

For the freelancer, this means creating work where, when people make money from your work in the future, either by reselling it, using it to attract advertisers, or needing to incorporate it. Yes, earnings is your relic.
Similarly, you can create a product that can be sold over and over again.

If you write a white paper, say, “How Freelancers Can Become Millionaires” and sell it on your website, that five hours to write can yield some relics.
The primary advantage of the residual income model is that your income is theoretically unlimited. As long as your work has market value, you will continue to earn residual income.
Beyond Freelance

3. Hired Employees: 

In a law firm, the firm hires young associates to do grunt work. Maybe they are paid $50 an hour. But the customer is billed $150 an hour. After much attention, the firm probably earns $50 an hour every time an associate works an hour. That employee doesn’t give them money, he or she gives them a lot of money. Such employees are a profit center.

For the self-employed, freelancer and soloreneur, the most reliable way to make a million dollars is to do the same.
You need to be a true entrepreneur, which means building a business that can manage projects you can’t do alone and you need to hire employees under you. 

By hiring sub соntrасtоrs, yоu ассumulаte billаble hоurs withоut hаving to соmрlete every tаsk yоurself, and if yоu саn find а wаy tо thе mоdel, оr hоur business by selling  liсensing serviсes can greatly increase your earning potential.
Your subcontractors become your profit center.

Bottom line: If your goal is to make seven figures as a freelancer, you need to think beyond your own direct hourly production, and you can’t limit yourself.


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