How To Make Over $100-$300 Monthly Writing Effective Spiritual Articles

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There are a lot of preachers who have become quite wealthy as a result of their faith. As a result, you may have wondered if it is genuinely feasible to generate money simply by being religious.

Religion is undoubtedly an important component of your community, regardless of your cultural background or where you were born. People are naturally drawn to areas where they may have fun and be amused, but it is also true that they seek out places where they can hear spiritual truths and receive heavenly guidance for their lives.

As a result, churches and religious institutions are designed and constructed. However, other people are simply too indolent to attend church. They may choose to look via web resources in order to gain spiritual enlightenment.

Religious article writers may be useful in this situation. Are you a devout follower of Christ? Do you have the ability to persuade others to believe in the divinity of an all-powerful being?

How You Can Preach Online With Your Writings About Religion

Many people question how anyone can gain money through religion. Although exploiting religion for financial gain is not a noble act, let us address the topic for the purposes of this post. Here’s how you may become a well-known online preacher while also making money.

1. Religion Blogger

Every issue you can think of has a blogger somewhere in cyberspace talking about it, literally. Why can’t you, a religious and knowledgeable person, blog about your wisdom and knowledge if people talk about a lot of nonsense in the blogosphere?

Setting up a blog is incredibly simple these days, and it may even be done for free. All you need is a concept and a little dedication, and you may make some money.

2 Ebook Publisher

You used to need to work with a publishing house and a printing press to get your books published and sold on the market decades ago. Those days, however, are long gone.

You can be an ebook publisher in the same way that you can be a blogger without having to invest any money. All you need are some basic typing skills and some solid religious beliefs, and you might be well on your way to running a successful publishing company.

3 Youtube

If you don’t mind being reminded, preachers like Billy Graham, Jimmy Jimmy Swaggart, Joel Olsteen, Apollo Quiboloy, and a slew of others who are too many to mention here are establishing their careers on television and becoming incredibly popular. Yes, several of these guys have been involved in some pretty unpleasant scandals, but their celebrity cannot be underestimated.

Trekking along the route they followed is, of course, tough and costly. Fortunately, we now have YouTube, where all you need is a camera, a little technological skill, and some confidence. If you enjoy preaching God’s word on video, starting a Youtube channel might be a great way to do it.

Here are the following website that paid Spiritual Writer

You can earn money by writing for any of the religious websites and publishing companies listed below.

1 Today’s Christian Living

This website seeks testimonial articles from freelance writers that are based on true stories. Health, money, book reviews, and humor are among the magazine’s frequent columns.

They choose articles based on what they believe will provide a good cross-section of themes for each issue. As a result, they usually select the majority of freelancing articles at once to ensure that the subjects generate a well-rounded issue and that no topic is repeated within an issue or with past issues.

Payment is determined by the number of words after editing and is scored accordingly. 750 words and under are $25, 750-800 words are $75, 801-1199 words are $100, and 1200-1800 words are $150. Within 60 days of publication, payment is made.

2 Muslim-Science

Because Islam is the world’s second most popular religion after Christianity, there is a huge demand for articles about the subject. If you want to contribute to, your article must address the past, present, or future situation of the Muslim world.

Writers can earn up to $100 for each piece, though this varies based on the number of words and the difficulty of the editing. Payment is made at the end of the month following the publication of the article.

3 Faith and Life Sources

From an Anabaptist perspective, books are published here that call readers to follow Jesus in word and deed. They offer information on Christian discipleship, spirituality, reconciliation, justice, and theology, among other topics.

They’re looking for writers for their Purpose magazine who can help them reach out to a wide range of evangelical, mainline, and Anabaptist readers. Their newspaper is looking for untold genuine stories that are between 450 and 700 words long. Poems of up to 12 lines are also accepted.

Payment for articles ranges between $25 and $50. They award $10 to $20 for poetry. Payment is made in addition to gifts that are sent to the writer.

4 Franciscan Media

St. Anthony Messenger, a Catholic monthly magazine published by Franciscan Media, has been around since 1893. Their mission is to promote ideal citizenship, increased faith in God, healthier family bonds, and economic justice.

They never examine papers that have been submitted to many publications at the same time. Feature stories must be roughly 2,000 words long, however they do occasionally publish shorter items.


This website is searching for anyone who can write about theology and spirituality, Catholic education, vocations, church governance, and religious life. The article must be unique and previously unpublished. All articles must be sent to the website directly. Currently, the rate is unknown.


This website is looking for anyone who can write articles about inspiring personal tales. Individuals who are interested must discuss issues such as overcoming hurdles, dealing with disappointments and tragedies, acquiring spiritual insights, and having confidence in God. The price ranges from $100 to $500 per article.

7 The Compass Magazine

This journal, as a publication of the Seventy-Day Adventist Church, accepts essays on current issues and concerns in SDA theology and history.

Articles with a word count of 800 to 1,500 words are desired, and they must be written in a general or conversational tone. The chosen cover subjects must be current occurrences. Writers who prefer longer pieces might consider condensing their work before submitting it.

Original unpublished articles might earn you up to $125 at Compass. If your article has already been published elsewhere, they may opt to reprint it, but you will just be given credit for it and will not be paid. They pay within four weeks of the article’s publication.

8 Vibrant Life

Their newspaper Vibrant Life is in need of practical articles that emphasize improving physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual harmony in the subscribers’ daily lives.

Their favorite articles are those that are between 450 and 650 words long. They propose that feature pieces have a word count of no more than 1,000 words. Payment is made after the article has been approved. It will almost certainly be published if it contains a high-quality expression, accurate utilization of current research findings, and topic that is relevant. You could be paid anything between $100 and $300.

9 Lutheran Digest

The Digest has two primary objectives: to entertain and encourage Christians, as well as to persuade non-believers to adopt the Lutheran-Christian faith in a tactful manner. Seasonal and special interest tales that highlight God’s presence in nature are desperately needed for this website.

Articles should be no more than 7,000 characters and no shorter than 3,000 characters. Submissions should be written from a Lutheran-Christian perspective. They must not be used as “lecturing” sermonettes.

The Lutheran Digest normally pays $35.00 for each article, plus sends the contributor a complimentary copy once it is published.

10 Whole Life Times

The journal attempts to produce cutting-edge commentary that is both amusing and practical for its readers. They opt to provide information that the mainstream media either ignores or glosses over.

The magazine takes tales of 800 to 1000 words and pays $75 to $150 based on the topic, amount of research necessary, and writing expertise. They also have a lot of normal departments that pay $35 to 125 per hour.

They also feature a section with short, newsy blurbs about the topics they cover. They pay $25 to $35 for 300 to 400 words, depending on length and topic.

11 Focus on The Family

The magazine is created to inspire, entertain, and teach Christian principles to children aged 8 to 12. It has a circulation of over 80,000 copies and is read by young readers and their parents all around the world. They will be really interested if you can write feature fiction stories with children as the primary character.

The remuneration ranges from 15 to 25 cents per word, depending on the quantity of editing required. The average pay for a feature-length fiction story is $200 or more. Nonfiction works start at $150 and go up from there. When an author is commissioned for an assignment, he is expected to sign a contract and is compensated for his work’s approval. The writer will receive complimentary copies of the book after it is published.


InSite, the Christian Camp and Conference Association’s flagship newspaper, is published quarterly and strives to inform and motivate professionals working in the Christian camp and conference community. With this in mind, they’re looking for writers who can share what God is doing in Christian camp and conference ministries, as well as show how camping professionals can be more efficient and productive in their outreach efforts.

Payment offers for pieces created and submitted by writers outside of CCCA are 20 cents per word and are sent when the magazine is published.


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