How To Write A Captivating Short Story And Make Money Online

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There are a lot of opportunities that are available, especially in the online market. Because most offline literary magazines and publishing houses don’t pay well for short tales, you’ll have to concentrate your efforts online.

There are numerous online magazines and blogs that will pay you a substantial sum for publishing your short stories on their platform.

As a result, most self-published authors begin by publishing short stories in order to pay their bills until they are able to discover and persuade a publishing house to print their “Dream Novel.”

How much do Story writers Make?

It really depends on the magazines and publishers for which you’re writing. Writers of fiction and theater can make up to $15,000 per month. If the publication for which you authored the tale is well-known, you can make a reasonable living from a single piece. The majority of magazines will charge you between $20 and $30 per page. So, if you’re writing a story with a number of pages, you can figure it out.

Where To Submit Short Stories For Money

You can submit your short tales for money in a variety of locations, both online and offline.

The following are the finest places to submit your short tales for recurring income or royalties:

1 Carve

Throughout the year, Carve magazine welcomes short stories, nonfiction, and poetry for publication on their internet platform or in print and digital issues. Original prose and poetry with emotional depth are sought by the publication.

Because there is no set deadline for submission, you can send your work either electronically or by mail. For fiction and nonfiction, the word restriction is 10,000 words maximum, with no minimum, while for poetry, it is 2000 words maximum.

Non-fiction and poetry stories are paid $100, while fiction stories are paid $25.

2 Penpee

Penpee is an online reading platform where writers may upload stories and earn money based on how many people read them. To submit a story, you must first register and select a membership plan, which includes both a free and a premium option.

Free members can write up to 3000 words each narrative, with each page ranging between 400 and 600 words. You can write up to 12000 words with a premium membership. After your article has been published, you will receive credits for the number of people who have read it. Each page has one credit.

You earn money by purchasing credits, and then you can withdraw your money via PayPal. You should have a minimum balance of 5 pounds. In some countries, you can also withdraw money from your bank account.

3 Wattpad

The world’s largest reader and writer platform aren’t just for pursuing your passion for writing; it’s also a way to make money. Wattpad has invited a few of its writers to participate in a compensated program. Originality, ingenuity, and, of course, market worth are all factors in the selection of stories. Only a few Wattpad writers have access to this possibility.

Remember that all of the following writing possibilities pay only if your piece or story is chosen for publication on their site, therefore these platforms are competitive. However, if you are a skilled writer with the ability to create incredible literary works, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to not only make money but also expand your writer portfolio.

4 The Sun

A well-known magazine that has published several stories and articles on a variety of global subjects and has reached the appropriate readership. Fortunately, it is currently accepting submissions from writers.

The sun publishes personal essays, short tales, and poems, with a strong emphasis on political and cultural themes. The magazine hasn’t published anything longer than 7000 words, despite the fact that there is no word limit for submissions.

You can submit your work both online and via mail. To submit work online, you must first create an account on the website and then use the online portal to submit your work.

Personal essays and short tales might earn you anywhere from $300 to $2000. Between $100 to $250 is given for poetry. Payment is made only after acceptance, so read the sample essays on The Sun’s website before submitting your manuscript so you know what to write.

5 Amazon KDP

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is an Amazon program that allows authors to publish a book for free on Amazon.

Without spending a dime, you may self-publish your short tales as a paperback or as an ebook. It’s a digital platform that both self-published writers and publishers use.

When you submit your short stories to Amazon KDP, they will be available to readers all around the world. As a result, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to sell a lot of copies around the world and make money writing short stories.

Other ways to make money writing short stories

A. Sell Short Stories on Amazon to Make Money

This article is for anyone who hasn’t received adequate direction on how to publish their first eBook. This is essentially a beginner’s tutorial that will help you through the process of publishing your eBook from beginning to end.

To write your first eBook, you can use all of the free and paid tools available. The information and resources shown here are my personal recommendations, which I used in the creation of my eBooks.

All you have to do now is promote your short tales once they’ve been published on Amazon.

The more you promote, the more sales you’ll be able to make. As a result, you can profit from your short stories.

B. Publish Short Stories On Your Blog

You should try to publish your short stories on your own site now or later. Your blog will be your personal property, and it will provide you with a steady source of money for the rest of your life.

Though digital platforms such as Amazon KDP, KOBO, Wattpad, and others are unlikely to go away, what if they make modifications or eliminate the revenue option?

Having a blog will assist you in overcoming these challenges. It will be your property, and you will have complete control over how you monetize it.

Your short tales can only be sold directly through your blog. You will avoid paying any commissions to firms like Amazon, Smashwords, and others this way.

C. Make Money Selling Short Stories on Freelancing Sites

Yes, you may make a reasonable living by selling your short tales to other people on freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, and others.

Though you will be submitting your own work, they will be able to publish your stories under their own name. Ghostwriting is the phrase for this.

You write for others and then give them the copyright so they may market it as their own. You can make a lot of money right now by doing this.

Many professional ghostwriters can be found on online freelance sites, charging anywhere from $200 to $1000 for unique short tales.

D. Submit short stories to Magazines That Pay

Short tales can be paid anything from $10 to $2000 per story, depending on the publication and its popularity.

For example, based on your writing requirements and magazine guidelines, you will get paid an average of $200 for a set of 4-5 poems, up to $1000 for short fiction, and an average of 25 cents per word for all other tales.

Here’s the list of magazines that pays for short stories that you submit.

  1. AGNI
  2. Black Warrior Review
  3. Glimmertrain
  4. PloughShares
  5. The Southern Review
  6. The Fugue

Final Thought

You can make money writing short stories, poems, and essays in a variety of methods, and there is no limit to how much money you can make selling short tales.

Some options that worked for me might not necessarily work for you. As a result, you must choose the strategy that best matches your needs and interests you from among these options. You may discover a slew of more options that even I am unaware of.

So, if you want to generate money from your short stories, you need start writing right now. It could be for your own blog, magazines, self-publishing, or something else else.


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