‘I Can’t Believe I Am Surviving With POS! See How Much I Make Daily’

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Last year frustsrate me no be small, I saw hell even though i had 150k earlier last year i still failed not until my elder sister gave me 20k and i had 35k i got a good idea one Night after long thinking, i used my remaing 15k to buy pos machine and used the other 20k for cash,i used my phone sim for the first day to suscribe on the machine.

i dont have a pos stand from the begining till date what i did was to go to a popular canteen in my school stand close to a womans shop i know so very well, then i ask everybody passing if they want to withdraw or send, I do this continiously from 7am to 7pm and guess what, I make up to 3k daily what i do is eat with 1500 and save the rest to boost my cash,those that were discouraging and laughing at me now envy me but God pass them.

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