“I Did Not Know My Husband Was Taking Us To Sambisa Forest, He Only Said We Should Relocate”– Wife

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In the early hours of today, channels television publicized a video showing the moment a female survivor from the enclave of Boko Haram Terrorists, Halima Abdullahi, was interviewed about her ordeal.

Halima Abdullahi said, “I did not know that my husband was taking us to Sambisa forest. He only told us we are relocating to Jigawa state.” Speaking further, the wife to the unnamed man said, “when we got there, we found ourselves in a terrible situation that we least hoped for survival.”

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Talking about the years spent there and how they escaped, Halima Abdullahi said, “we stayed in Sambisa forest for a period of two years until men of the Nigerian military attacked our location. During their attack, my husband was killed alongside others.”

Lastly, the Africa for Peace Development and Empowerment, that facilitated a training programme for Halima Abdullahi and other survivors, sought the support of federal government in order that the survivors live their normal lives without being stigmatized.

To watch the full video of the interview, CLICK HERE.

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