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Peter Obi says his regular attendance of church events is not a political strategy. It is because Nigeria needs prayers, the Labour Pary (LP) presidential candidate said.

While opposition parties have accused him of attending religious gatherings because of political gains, the former Anambra State Governor has denied the claims.

When he paid a visit to His Eminence Dr. Sunday Mbang, a former president of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the prelate of the Methodist Church of Nigeria, at his residence on Tuesday in Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom State, he spoke.

Obi claimed that Nigeria requires prayers in addition to an adaptable, healthy, and visionary leader.

He cited the kidnapping of priests in the North Central and North West areas as evidence that religious leaders must speak truth to power because the church is also affected by the nation’s problems.

The cleric, on his part, lamented Nigeria’s predicament, saying the nation is struggling with pervasive poverty and insecurity.

According to Dr. Mbang, Nigeria needs a strong, healthy leader who would put the needs of the people before those of a cabal or his political party.

If elected, the preacher warned Obi, history will not be kind to him if he doesn’t honour his promises. This, he claims, is because he is viewed as the country’s last hope by millions of Nigerians.


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