“I Do Not Understand Soludo’s Motive For Attacking Obi Who Paid Salaries And Pensions” – Dahiru Majeed

Dahiru Majeed, a Nigerian journalist, spoke on the recent letter by the governor of Anambra State, Charles Soludo, regarding his predecessor, Peter Obi. During his interview on AIT News, Dahiru questioned the governor’s motive regarding some things he said in his letter.

Addressing the topic, Majeed said, “Soludo’s administration has resorted to taxing people in the state to raise revenue to run the government. This means that the government that took over from Peter Obi, who left behind a healthy reserve, did not have this problem. Obiano did not have issues with paying salaries when most governors depended on bailouts to pay salaries. This helped his second-term bid. I do not know the motive behind what Soludo is trying to achieve by attacking someone’s credentials that he struggled to build.

He continued, “It would have been a different argument if the argument was that he saved money while owing salaries and pensions.” Peter Obi did not owe salaries, and he cleared the backlog of pensions. It is a fact. It is okay to disagree with Obi on many issues, as I have. My political philosophy does not align with that of Obi, but the fact is that he saved money, and his reputation for extreme frugality has endeared Nigerians to him.

You can watch the interview here. (1:20:00 minute)


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