“I See What Peter Obi Is Trying To Do” – Sowunmi

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An Ogun State PDP Chieftain, Segun Sowunmi has expressed his support for the notion of an Igbo presidency in Nigeria, aligning with the efforts of Mr Peter Obi in advocating for this cause.

He emphasized his belief in the importance of the Igbo people holding the presidential position, regardless of any opposition or obstacles.

He highlighted concerns about the state of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), expressing dissatisfaction with the party’s internal dynamics and its readiness to cede power to the ruling party.

He referenced the departure of former Minority leader Ihedioha from the party, along with a significant number of followers, as indicative of widespread disillusionment with the current political landscape. 

He said in an interview with AIT, ”I see what Peter Obi is trying to do, I believe in the idea that Igbos should be President in this country whether people like it or not. Why don’t I just go and waste my time and resources to try and push that?

Since I can morally be happy with myself rather than be part of an arrangement that will be trying to say that you will tie the PDP down and be asking a new party that is not even serious to come and rule over it. That is why you see people like former Minority leader Ihedioha pulling out of the party.

Can you see the large number of people that have followed him. Because obviously people can be tired of a system that is not working. When I go to Saloon and the market, I can hear what Nigerians are saying about the PDP.”


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