I Was Kidnapped And Extensively Tortured For One Hour By Ebubeagu – Abia Onyike

I Was Kidnapped And Extensively Tortured For One Hour By Ebubeagu – Abia Onyike

The former Ebonyi State Commissioner of Information, Abia Onyike, has revealed what he went through in the hands of the officers of the Ebubeagu security outfit. According to Abia Onyike, he was kidnapped by the officers of the Ebubeagu security outfit and he was taken to their office.

Abia Onyike disclosed that on getting to the Ebubeagu office, he was extensively tortured for one hour by officers of the Ebubeagu security. Abia Onyike went on to say that after the torture, one of the commanders of the Ebubeagu security came in and ordered him to stand up and wear his clothes.

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Abia Onyike stated that at this point, one of the Ebubeagu officers came in with his clothes and they let him go. Abia Onyike revealed that he got back to his house around 11:00 pm. Abia Onyike said that he later discovered that it was the Ebonyi State Commissioner of Police that told the Ebubeagu officers to let him go.

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However, the Ebonyi State Ebubeagu Commander, Friday Nnanna, denied that his men kidnapped Abia Onyike. He claimed that Abia Onyike was arrested by his men. Friday Nnanna went on to say that Abia Onyike was mistakenly arrested as a result of mistake identity. Friday Nnanna also said that although he was not around when Abia Onyike was brought in, he is sure that his men cannot torture Abia Onyike.

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